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Corrie ten Boom Holocaust Survivor Potrayed by Evelyn Hinds

Corrie ten Boom Live!

Corrie ten Boom Live is a one person drama by Evelyn Hinds where “Corrie” tells her amazing story of imprisonment in a Nazi death camp, her release, and later travel around the world telling her story. Evelyn is committed to telling the condensed story of Corrie and her family, as much as possible, in Corrie’s own words from her recordings or books.

Corrie ten Boom (1892-1983) was a Dutch woman who became part of the underground workers in Holland during the Holocaust. She is honored at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem as one of the Righteous Gentiles. She was honored by the Billy Graham Worldwide Pictures producing an award winning film of her life, “The Hiding Place.” Corrie’s family home is now a museum in Haarlem where people from all over the world come to see the home that the family used to hide the Jews from Hitler’s murderous plans.

Corrie was a gifted storyteller and her experiences and her faith have inspired generations! How did a simple Dutch woman without wealth or fame spend thirty-three years traveling around the world to sixty-four countries spreading her faith in God? Invite Evelyn to your platform or theater to share this compelling story that will touch your audience. The experience will educate about the Holocaust, inspire faith, and our critical mission of supporting the Jewish people!


"I knew Corrie....and what you did was so realistic, I felt I was in Corrie's presence again! It was so powerful and
meaningful. You are a blessing. I am recommending you to several groups."
Gigi Graham, Speaker and Author, Billy and Ruth Graham's oldest Daughter

"I first went to Israel for a 14-month study program in 1966. It was during that year that Corrie ten Boom came to Israel and had a tree planted in her honor on "The Avenue of the Righteous Gentiles" at the Yad Vashem, a memorial to the Holocaust victims.
She was also able to speak in several places and I was able to sit in on one of her lectures as she shared her testimony of her endeavor to rescue Jewish people and of the time she spent in a concentration camp for doing so.
When I saw the presentation by Evelyn Hinds, I was quite impressed on how well she was able to imitate Corrie's accent and how well she was able to present Corrie's story very much as Corrie herself would have done when she was still living. It was a presentation well worth seeing and I would highly recommend it to everyone."
Yours for the salvation of Israel, Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Director Ariel Ministries,, San Antonio, TX

"Never have I witnessed anything like this, Evelyn's performance is incredible! I was overcome with emotion feeling as though I was in the very presence of Corrie ten Boom. This very talented speaker comes with my highest recommendation"
Florence Littauer, Speaker and Author of silver Boxes and Personality Plus...

"I could not imagine anybody being so authentically Corrie-like as you were in your presentation. You sounded like the Corrie ten Boom I had met and talked with. I would hope everybody in the world could see your magnificent representation of this great lady. Her story comes alive with power and presence through your skill, knowledge and dramatic genius."
Bill Ellis, International Syndicated columnist


Below are 3 short videos; to watch click the picture for the video you are interested in.

The Experience

Corrie ten Boom Actress Evelyn Hinds.

A behind the scenes look at Corrie ten Boom Live.
Length 3 Min and 45 Sec

The Betrayer

The Betrayer: A story of forgiveness.<br>Excerpt from Corrie ten Boom Live!

A story of forgiveness.
Excerpt from Corrie ten Boom Live!
Length 3 Min and 42 Sec

The Weaving

The Weaving: A poem of God's plans for our lives.<br>Excerpt from Corrie ten Boom Live!

A poem of God's plans for our lives.
Excerpt from Corrie ten Boom Live!
Length 1 Min and 28 Sec

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