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The Weaving

Corrie ten Boom The Weaving Book Cover by Evelyn Hinds

The Weaving is a combination of Evelyn own story of her path to portraying Corrie ten Boom, Holocaust education to heighten awareness, and Corrie’s life and work. This presentation treats the audience to sound bites of “Corrie” without a costume as well as video clips from Evelyn’s stage performance. Evelyn will tell about another mentor she had, Miss Ruth Wardell. In Evelyn’s words, “She was the most Corrie-like person I’ve ever met!” Evelyn’s journey to developing a great love for the Jewish people makes this teaching unforgettable.

Loving Israel 101

Birth of Israel Photo

Loving Israel 101 is a fast paced, lively session to explore the Jewish roots of Christianity and inspire the blessing of Genesis 12:3. This teaching is touching to those of Jewish heritage as well as Christians.

  • Christianity is Jewish!
  • Jerusalem is God’s Home Town
  • Are we supposed to witness to the Jews?
  • What does it mean… “to the Jew first?”
  • Anti-Semitism
  • Holocaust Education
  • Quick history of a nation born in a day
  • The apple of God’s eye
  • Blessings through Abraham…Jesus to today!
  • What does love to Israel look like?

Who has time to be Lucy and Ethel in Today’s World?

Lucy and Ethel Seminar Picture

This teaching explores the famous 1950’s TV show friendships as Evelyn weaves her own story of examining the importance of friendship and priorities in her own life.

This is a light-hearted seminar with a deeply important message for all.
When the audience is a mixture of men and women the title changes from Lucy and Ethel to the Ricardos and the Mertzs.

This seminar will inspire your audience to take a new look at the importance of friendship and community.

Contacting Us

For more information and booking of Corrie ten Boom Live or any other questions, please contact Evelyn Hinds.

Phone: 972.401.8907

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